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Stars & Bars

This tool was inspired after reading an article in Model Airplane News. I implemented a tool that can be used to print an insignia of any desired size.

  1. Click the button "Launch Stars & Bars Applet"
    If you have java, and allow it to run, you should
    see a button like this above these instructions.
         Launch Stars & Bars Applet

       If not, you may have to activate Java if you see this -
             Activate Java

  2. After clicking the button "Launch Starts and Bars Applet",
    A window will appear like this -
         Stars & Bars

  3. Click "Stars & Bars" to access the menu items, which allow
    the selection of the insignia, colors, and options.

  4. Before printing, access options and set the Size of the
    insignia to print.

If you would like to provide feedback, I can be reached by filling out this Contact Form

     When using the 'Roundel Selector" and selecting the 'Prewar and Early War' or 'Early War' options, I think the insignias are incorrect. I don't think they should have a border around the points of the star.

Links to the articles in Model Airplane News

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