Brake Inspection

The following contains information on inspecting brakes

Check Level

New vs Old brakes
Check Fluid Level.
The level should be at the MAX indicator with New Brake Pads.
 New Fluid Level
With used pads, the level drops.
This is one indicator to determine if brake pads may be needed.
 Old Fluid Level

Check Brake Pads

The following requires wheel removal.

Brakes Pad Inspection
With the wheel removed, you have access to the caliper. Notice the view port in the caliper.  Caliper View Port
This view port is used to look at the brake pads. Hear we see the pads (Yellow Lines) and the rotor (Between the red lines)  Caliper View Port Close Up

Check Rotor

Rotor Inspection
The rotor is stamped with the minimum usable thickness. This rotor has a Min value of 18.7 MM.  Rotor Thickness Stamp
Measure the rotor Thickness  Measure Rotor Thickness
The rotor needs to be replaced if it is less than the minimum usable thickness.  Rotor Thickness

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